Aura Wind Turbines

The design of MagLev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine integrates exterior design, practical design, electrical engineering, power mechanics, aviation atmosphere engineering, wind tunnel testing, computer-simulated fractional disciplines, and magnetic levitation theory.

Wind turbineBecause of the magnetic levitation technology applied to this Savonius / Darrieus wind turbine, the fan motor will be rotated by wind power without any mechanical friction in the motor case, which brings many important features to our wind turbines:

  1. No vibration;
  2. No fuel, No fire;
  3. No noise due to No friction, No wear and No tear;
  4. Low start-up wind speed due to no use of bearings, no lubricant required ,no gearing;
  5. Higher utilization of wind due to low start-up wind speed;

Every MagLev wind turbine has both an electronic and manual braking systems which is built in our smart wind controller. Our wind turbine’s darrieus blades and generator will be protected by the electronic braking system which has an over speed automatic three-phase short-circuit braking function when the wind speed reaches at around 15 m/s or 54 km/h, so our smart wind controller will ensure that the wind turbine works at its peak optimal and safe wind speed. Also the manual braking function allows people to stop the wind turbine safely if the electronic braking system happens to fail.