Stacking wood


Lay a base for the stack. This can be two four-by-two or six-by-two timbers or two long poles or branches. Lay them far enough apart to lay an average piece of firewood. Set the base facing east-west so your stack will have more sunlight during the winter. I place two upright star pikets at each end to support the stack at the ends.


Pick out some pieces shaped like half-moons and quarter-moons. At each end of the pile, place a half-moon piece with the flat side up across the base. Place two quarter-moon pieces at right angles across the half-moon shape, with the angles sides facing down. You now have a solid base for your stack.


Stack the firewood across your base, mixing sizes and types of wood as much as possible to provide optimum airflow. Continue stacking until the stack reaches the desired height. Any pieces with bark should be placed bark down.


Cover the stack with a plastic tarp, or build a shelter over the top to keep the wood dry. Tie two small pieces of wood together with a length of bailing twine and hang over cover to keep in place.