Formerly East Gippsland Woodheater Repairs

Wood Heaters

Burning Wood is Natural Wood, man’s first fuel, is actually stored solar energy. A tree’s leaves function as tiny solar collectors to harness sunlight which the tree uses to convert water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients into organic matter, wood. One has but to light a match to release this stored…

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Aura Wind Turbines

The design of MagLev Vertical Axis Wind Turbine integrates exterior design, practical design, electrical engineering, power mechanics, aviation atmosphere engineering, wind tunnel testing, computer-simulated fractional disciplines, and magnetic levitation theory. Because of the magnetic levitation technology applied to this Savonius / Darrieus wind turbine, the fan motor will be rotated…

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Wood Heater Servicing

For service in Gippsland contact Craig on 03 5153 2552 or 0409 716 813 For service in Melbourne contact Mark on 0488 003 034 We can help you with: Flue and Chimney Sweeping Heater Service Cooker Service Fan Servicing Rebricking Refluing Installations Door Reglazing Door Repairs Bird Removal Flue and…

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Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Victoria

Over time dust and other more substantial substances such as bird droppings can build up on solar panels and impact on the amount electricity generated by a module. Dirt doesn’t need to cover an entire panel to have an effect. Panels with minimal tilt are even more susceptible to a buildup of dirt.…

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