Owners Instruction Service

So you now own a pool or spa but don’t know how to maintain it? Not to worry, we offer an owner instruction service to teach you all about your pool or spa and its equipment – from emptying baskets and water balancing, to backwashing filters.

Filter & Sand Change

Did you know the sand in your filter needs to be replaced every four to five years to ensure maximum performance? Over time, the filtration process causes water channels to form in the filter sand which means it runs less effectively. When your sand needs replacing, contact us for advice. Keeping your pool filter in great condition is also vital for the health of your pool. We offer a full filter clean and de grease service.

We are now only using glass media as a replacement to sand. Glass is good for a minimum of 10 years.

Pump & Filter Installation & Maintenance

We sell and install the best brand pumps and filters to ensure your pool or spa remains clean, safe and in excellent condition. All pumps and filters come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Solar Heating Installation & Maintenance

Water temperatures naturally vary depending on your location, the time of year, and the time of day, but if you’ve made the investment in a pool, chances are you want access to swimming year-round. The sun can assist to heat your pool to a comfortable swimming temperature for a longer period during the year, increasing your family’s swimming time.

We specialize in installing the leading brand of solar heating to your roof and can even color match. This is also a more environmentally friendly way to control pool and spa temperature. For a simple and effective way to control your pool’s temperature and enjoy consistently comfortable swimming, contact us for a quote.

Pool Covers

Pool covers reduce energy use, costs, chemical consumption and evaporation, and save you precious time in cleaning and maintenance. Using a cover will help your pool to retain heat whilst keeping out yard debris.

Rollers are also essential for the life and proper use of a pool cover. It takes only 30 seconds to roll a cover on or off pool water using a roller as opposed to cumbersome manhandling.

For more information on which pool cover best suits your needs contact us today.

General Equipment & Repair

We are your local pool and spa specialists. If you have pool or spa equipment in need of repair, contact us today. If anyone can fix it, it’s us! We repair and replace all things for pools and spas including heaters, pool and spa pumps, filters, chlorinators, pool solar blankets and solar heating.

Chemical Expertise

Specialising in BioGuard, we offer a wide range of chemicals and products that will help keep your salt water or fresh water pool clean and healthy. We share our knowledge and offer expert advice to help you determine which chemicals are required to maintain your pool or spa.

Water Testing

We offer Free Water Analysing.

Poolside Sale, Traralgon & Bairnsdale all offer free pool & spa water analysing using the BioGaurd Accuscan device and Biolab Water Testing this complete water analysing system is very fast and accurate to help you maintain healthy water balance.

Regular water testing is a MUST if you would like to keep on top of healthy water in your swimming environment as well as maintaining water appearance & equipment maintenance.

Bioguard water works in conjunction with the Accuscan device as a computer system allowing accurate results and print out reports to help identify your pool / spa needs chemically.

Poolside Sale, Traralgon & Bairnsdale all have friendly staff to guide you through the report also keeping an updated history for any constant problems or concerns you might have.

Preparing Your Water Sample To obtain an accurate water sample follow the following steps:

  1. Use a clean bottle (FREE SAMPLE BOTTLES INSTORE)
  2. Obtain a sample elbow depth from the opposite end of the pool to your filter returns
  3. Do not leave sample bottle in heat or direct sunlight as this will be an invalid test result.
  4. It is advised to test your water on a regular basis for balanced water, causing less problems and decreasing the work load for the owner.